Hot tips on how to recycle and reuse every part of your Arthur packaging.

1. Invoice - scrap paper, compost or general recycling.

2. Cassava packing bag - this baby is 100% compostable. Pop her in your general waste or home compost bin. She's break down in a matter of months.

3. Slip / thank you card / garment care card - all 100% paper. Can be recycled or composted. If you're a crafty b*tch, use these to make a bespoke college or frame your thank you card for a little extra art around the house.

4. Swing tag - 100% paper. Recycle or reuse! We like to keep one as a bookmark.

5. Swing tag safety pin - useful little guy. Pop him in your sewing kit.

6. Strings and ties - 100% natural fibres. General waste and compost approved! Or reuse around the house.

7. Mailer - the only piece of plastic we send you. Luckily, these bags are recyclable! Return the back to your local DHL depot or Post Office, they'll take care of the rest. Alternatively, save some money on postage and reuse it for the next package you have to send. 

We've put together a little video showing you all the fun things you can do to reuse and recycle your Arthur packaging here.